Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Finding the BEST Reusable Shopping Bags

I love my reusable shopping bags, but I admit it took me a while to find ones that I liked. I figured that since they were something I would be using often and for a long time, I should like both the way they worked AND they way they looked. I hated the bags for sale at our local Cub grocery store. The shape and function of them were good, but they were an ugly cardboard brown color with a big red Cub Foods logo - ugh. I waited and waited until I actually found the same bag but with a nicer design at a different grocery store while on vacation! It's a great bag because it's sturdy with a flat bottom - so it stands up on its own. I've been searching for the same bag online and found World of Thanks Reusable Tote Bags. I wish I had found them earlier, because I paid more for mine at the grocery store!

The other bag that I LOVE is one that I won from a sweepstakes. It is made of canvas and has long straps so you can carry the bag on your shoulder. This is the bag I always fold up and keep in my purse for unexpected shopping trips. After doing a search, I found these Groovy Earth Canvas Grocery Tote Bags. They have 22" handles so would be great for over the shoulder.

So, whether you choose to go with one of these bags, or continue to search for your own "perfect" bags, these are some things to keep in mind when making your selection:

• The bag should be washable. It will be holding food so you want it clean!
• You need a sturdy bag, capable of holding heavy items
• A flat-bottomed bag is great for keeping your bags upright in the back of your car or on the floor of the bus
• If you will be walking longer distances with your bag, you might want a bag with over-the-sholder handles
• The bag should be lightweight - it will be heavy enough with the food in it!
• Choose a bag you like to look at - you'll have it for a long time

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  1. Oh definitely washable--I can't count the times things have spilled. Good tips, thanks!


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