Tuesday, May 17, 2011

How to Freeze Whole Artichokes

This is the time of year when artichokes are in season and therefore plentiful and inexpensive. But, did you know you can freeze these fresh artichokes for use at a later date?  Ocean Mist Farms, a leading producer of artichokes provide these insights on how to freeze your artichokes.

Although freezing a raw Artichoke will make it turn a dark brown color, it will still taste good once cooked. To prepare for freezing, wrap with heavy-duty aluminum foil and then place in a zip-top, plastic, freezer bag for additional protection. As a test, Ocean Mist Farms froze a raw Artichoke for two weeks, thawed it and then boiled it. The thawed Artichoke had dark brown outer petals and stem. Once cooked, it tasted like a non-frozen Artichoke, just not quite as fresh.

Artichokes can also be cooked and then frozen. Click here for further information, including the best cooking methods to prepare for freezing.

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  1. I loooove artichokes! Thanks so much for posting this tip!


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