Thursday, August 16, 2012

Sun Cups Organic Nut Free Gluten Free Candy Review and Reader Giveaway

Today we are parntering with Pounds4Pennies to offer a giveaway for yummy Sun Cups.  Continue on to read Amy's review and enter to win below!
Have you ever wanted to share something with your child, but couldn't because they have an allergy? I found a company that sells Organic, Nut free and Gluten Free candy called Seth Ellis and they sell Sun Cups.  

I have a store near me call Sprouts. If you have been reading a while you know I shop their frequently. Sprouts also offers little small cups of free coffee while you shop. I normally head over there and grab me a cup. While I was there getting my small cup of coffee, I noticed a new candy they were selling, Sun Cups.  

I was intrigued, since Little Miss (my daughter) is allergic to peanuts. I picked up the package like I do most products and flipped it over on the back to read the ingredients. It said it was processed in a nut free facility. Now I was really excited! For the first time my daughter will get to experience the joy of the famous peanut butter and chocolate candy that I love.  

Having a child with a food allergy to a food I especially a food I love, is difficult. I was so glad I found the Seth Ellis chocolate company made nut free candy. I went to the website and saw they offered more candies than I saw offered at the store. There were four flavors of nut free candy for us to try: Milk Chocolate Sun Cups, Dark Chocolate Sun cups, Carmel Cups and Mint Cups. Click in the links above to read the list of ingredients and nutritional information. The packaging is very eco friendly as well and is home biodegradable. I think this company got it right in all aspects from package to the delicious product inside. I want to say thank you to Seth Ellis for sending me an ample amount of the four flavors for me and my family to try and providing me with free coupons to give to my wonderful readers!  

First let me speak to the chocolate. The chocolate is made from organic fair trade chocolate. YUM! I liked all of the flavors. The Milk Chocolate Sun Cup has a very creamy and similar texture to the traditional peanut candy. The chocolate is very creamy and delicious. Little Miss really liked it too!  

The Dark Chocolate Sun Cup was my favorite. I love how the dark chocolate tastes with the creamy Sun Butter inside. The Sun butter tastes like it has a pinch of salt in it, which compliments both the sun butter and the chocolate.  

I really liked the Mint Cup. It doesn't look like your traditional mint with a white creamy center. The center is made with cane juice and appears brown in color. There is nothing wrong with the mint cup, it is just made with more natural ingredients. This is better to me than more processed ingredients. I prefer more natural than dyed, bleached or artificial. Don't you? 

 Little Miss liked the Caramel Cup the best. This is a milk chocolate with caramel inside. This is a chocolate covered caramel. YUM! The caramel inside is very smooth and creamy. 

  I liked them all. However, I would pick the dark chocolate first and the mint a close second. It is great to be able to purchase a candy worry free. These can be found at the stores listed in this slide. I know the facility is a nut free and gluten free environment. I can safely give these to her and not worry of a potential allergy attack. She can also share this with her friends. I will probably pick up a few extra around Halloween time so when she has to give me all her nut candy I can give a little something she can enjoy safely. I think these will be staples at all holidays in our home!  

Now here is your chance to enter to win 1 of 10 free coupons for these wonderful nut & gluten FREE chocolate treats. If you just can't wait to see if you have won you can order products at Seth Ellis. a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. My daughter's fiance and my niece.

  2. Ttrockwood@yahoo.comAugust 17, 2012 at 8:22 PM

    My mom is glueten intolerant and my friend is allergic to peanuts

  3. I am trying to cut back on nuts... so me.

  4. For my Dad!


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