Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sewing Millions Project - 25 Free Packets of Organic Seeds (Pay $5 Shipping)

Seeds of Change, a producer of Certified Organic foods and Chocolates, is passionate about the way food is grown and the people who grow it.  They believe in fresh food's ability to bring people together and grow communities. To help spread this philosophy, they are giving away 100 million of their certified organic seeds to inspire individuals and worthy organizations everywhere to do impactful things in their communities through organic gardening.

UPDATE:  Free seeds are no longer available.  I hope you got yours!

 Simply sign up with the Sewing Millions Project and they will send you 25 free packets of Seeds of Change Certified Organic Seeds (an approximate $75 value).  You only pay the shipping cost, which is $4.99.  (If you have ever priced organic seeds at the home improvement store or garden store, you know this is an amazing deal.)  For every seed request, they will give a matching donation of seeds to the American Horticultural Society.

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