Friday, February 25, 2011

Burger Backlash OR The Revenge of the Healthy Diet

For most of 2011 and almost all of the last few weeks, I have been eating a basically healthy diet.  No, not everything has been low-cal or low-fat, but I have been eating a lot more fruits and vegetables, little meat, and much fewer processed foods.  I have been cooking, trying new recipes and inventing a few of my own.  Most all of my cooking and baking has been done from scratch and we have been doing much less eating out.

Today at lunch that all came crashing down with a great big "THUD" that landed in the pit of my stomach.  We took a friend out for lunch (it's his birthday) and went to a local chain burger place.  I had some free coupons for double cheeseburger deluxe baskets, so I thought "what the heck?".  I ordered up my burger with fried onions and fries on the side and also got an extra order of onion rings to share with my husband.  About half way through the burger and fries and only a few onion rings in, my stomach started questioning my decision.  I ended up leaving the rest of my meal, but it was too late.  My stomach was not happy.

I'm now back at home nursing a cranky digestive system with a cup of peppermint tea and contemplating the healthy dinner I will cook to try to make it up to my stomach (I'm thinking stir fried veggies and brown rice.)   I have no real point or reason for this post other than to vent and share my agony with you and also offer a word of caution:  If you are eating a healthy diet, think twice before throwing caution to the wind and indulging in a big 'ol fatty meal.  Any enjoyment is far outweighed by the feeling that will follow!

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