Thursday, January 6, 2011

Stevia-Cane - 1/3 the Calories of Sugar - Try a Free Sample

There are lots of stevia products out there - some are good some are more on the "meh" side. I personally like the taste of "real" sugar much better so I'm interested in trying Stevia-Cane. It's a completely natural sweetener made of both pure stevia and pure cane sugar with approximately 1/3 the calories of sugar. It has no chemicals or fillers and they claim that it tastes like sugar. You can also use it in baking by just using Stevia-Cane in half the amount of the sugar called for (i.e. if your recipe says 1 cup sugar, use 1/2 cup Stevia-Cane.

Right now they are offing a free sample through their Facebook page. I just requested mine and am looking forward to giving a it a try.

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