Friday, March 2, 2012

Get Fit Challenge Day 1 - Head Colds Are NO FUN!

Adidas for workoutYesterday was March 1st and the first day of the Get Fit Challenge. The bad news is that I have a TERRIBLE cold!!! I can barely breath while just sitting at my desk, much less when trying to exercise. So, I had to take it easy. I did take the dog on a 15 minute walk and also had a 15 minute walk to pick up our car from the tire shop - so that was my activity for the day.

Food wise I did OK. Starting out wasn't the best with bread and cheese for breakfast (at least the bread was homemade), but I followed it with an orange. For the rest of the day I had wheat berry salad, a banana/blueberry/dark cherry smoothie, corn tortilla quesadilla made with homemade refried black beans, and then the bad parts were one shortbread cookie and one biscotti (I just am not happy unless I have a little something sweet after my meals - and I was sick and crabby anyway!)

I'm actually feeling just as bad, if not worse with this cold this morning, so we'll see how today goes. How is YOUR nutrition and exercise going?

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