Sunday, January 15, 2012

New 50-calorie Fudgy Chocolate Mini VitaCakes - Review & Reader Giveaway

Vitalicious just introduced new 50-calorie Fudgy Chocolate Mini VitaCakes.  They are the first 50-calorie product of its kind and the most low-calorie Vitalicious product ever.  They are loaded with nutrition too at 2g of protein, 6g of fiber, 14g of carbs, only 1g of fat.

VitaCakes are made from all-natural ingredients and whole grains and have NO artificial coloring or preservatives of any kind.

And its easy to make up for this "indulgence" - it only takes 7 minutes to “walk off” the 50 calories you'll find in each Mini VitaCake. (And, they are only one little point on Weight Watchers PointsPlus program!)

I received a shipment of Fudgy Chocolate Mini VitaCakes and I was hooked at the first bite.  They do NOT taste like a healthy or low-cal treat.  They are chocolatey, moist and so good!  I'm the type who always must have at least a little dessert after a meal.  That can end up meaning that I destroy all the healthy eating efforts that I put into the meal.  But with the Mini VitaCakes I feel like I am having a "real" dessert, and I'm not sabotaging my efforts!

Fudgy Chocolate Mini VitaCakes are now available exclusively for purchase online at

Reader Giveaway:  One lucky Jinxy Knows Best winner will win a 24-pack of Fudgy Chocolate mini VitaCakes along with a cute little travel case that will let you take 2 mini VitaCakes on the go without fear of crushing them. To enter, fill out the form below by 11:59 pm ET on 1/30/12. (If you don't see the form, click "Read More" below and wait for the form to appear.)

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  1. I would love to win Fudgy Chocolate Mini VitaCakes. They are great cakes and I could share w/ my grandchildren and husband. Thanks for the fantastic sweep:)


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