Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Cut 30% of the Fat from Your Favorite Pei Wei Chicken Entrees with "Stock Velveting"

I love when restaurants step up and try to help their guests make healthier food choices.  Pei Wei is getting into the game by offering a new alternative for its chicken entrees.  Rather than the traditional cooking method of searing the chicken in a wok using soy bean oil, you can choose to have your chicken "stock velveted".  That means that they steam the chicken in vegetable stock seasoned with onions and ginger.  This method of cooking will cut a MINIMUM of 30% of the fat from the dish. 

Stock Velvet is available on these entrees:  Caramel Chicken, Honey Seared, Orange Peel, Thai Dynamite, Kung Pao, Pei Wei Spicy and Sweet and Sour.

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