Saturday, October 16, 2010

Terra Exotic Vegetable Chips & Blue Potato Chips - My Review Plus a Coupon

I am loving Terra chips right now.  Terra was a sponsor at BlogHer '10 and I visited their booth there.  I had tried Terra chips once many years ago and for some reason I wasn't crazy about them then.  But, trying them again back in August I realized that they were really good.

So, you can guess how I excited I was a few weeks ago when Terra delivered an entire CASE of Terra Exotic Vegetable Chips to my house!  The chips are made from a seasonal mix of root vegetables including sweet potato, parsnip, batata, taro and yuca). The only other ingredients are canola oil and/or safflower oil and/or sunflower oil, beet juice concentrate (for color) and salt. Although not considered a low-cal or low-fat snack, they do provide a full serving of vegetables in every ounce. So, my feelings are that if you are going to indulge in a yummy snack, you might as well get some of your daily veggie requirement taken care of. 

Just this week, I was surprised again when I received a shipment of TERRA BLUES® Potato Chips. They are made from naturally blue potatoes that have a slightly nutty flavor.  I LOVE these chips.  I think I might even like them better than the Exotic Vegetable Chips.  They are thick cut with a rich flavor and really satisfying.  If you're going to be flying JetBlue, you're in luck.....Terra Blue Potato Chips are now the official snack served on all JetBlue flights!

If you want to try Terra Chips for yourself, you can print a $1 Terra coupon here.

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