Friday, October 22, 2010

New Products from Emergen-C - Plus Try a Free Sample!

Emergen-C is introducing two NEW ways for you to get your essential vitamin C:
  1. Emergen-C Splash - a new fruit-flavored fountain drink.
  2. Emergen-C Planet - an effervescent drink powder in a delicious new dragon fruit flavor that supports a worthy cause.
New Emergen-C Splash is a delicious, refreshing fruit flavored fountain drink with a healthy twist - an infusion of vitamin C, vitamin D and B vitamins.   This low-calorie, non-carbonated, caffeine-free beverage alternative is currently available at more than 1,000 ampm stores, in Orange-Tangerine and Cranberry-Pomegranate flavors, with more tasty delicious flavors to follow with plans for available in more locations. 

Emergen-C Planet is the newest flavor to join the Emergen-C lineup and will be available exclusively at Whole Foods Market, which established Whole Planet Foundation in 2005. For each box of Emergen-C Planet sold, Alacer Corp. will donate 10 cents (with no cap on the donation) to Whole Planet Foundation to help fund microlending projects in impoverished communities worldwide.  In addition to supporting the global economy, Emergen-C Planet supports health and energy with 1000 mg of vitamin C, 7 B vitamins, antioxidants and electrolytes. 

To receive free samples of Emergen-C, just visit and click on the yellow free sample button.  

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