Monday, April 5, 2010

Celebrate Earth Day with Earthbound Farm & Get a Free Reusable Shopping Bag

This year is the 40th anniversary of Earth Day (April 22), which began as a time to honor the Earth and work toward solutions that preserve our natural resources. Choosing to eat sustainably is one of the most effective ways we can protect ourselves and our planet — it’s healthier and more delicious, too.

Come into the Earth-Bound Kitchen for great tips from co-founder Myra Goodman’s upcoming cookbook, The Earthbound Cook: Recipes for Delicious Food and a Healthy Planet — then take the Earth-Bound Kitchen Quiz for a coupon or a chance to win a fabulous reusable shopping bags!

Bags are available at specific times on various days (see the top of the web site for availability).  They will continue to offer them throughout the month.  Check it out here.

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