Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Winter Composting: An Early Start for Compost

There are some die-hard composters who compost indoors in the winter using red worms, or set up a full-scale outdoor winter compost operation like The Compost Guy. Although I’m all for composting and reducing waste, I really am not up for keeping worms in the house or building an elaborate winter composting system. So, what I have done is get an early start on the spring compost pile with a very simple method: A Bucket on the Deck. The beauty of my plan is its simplicity. Put a bucket outside the kitchen door on the deck and throw our scraps in there.

I only started this about a month ago, but this one small bucket should last us for quite some time. There are only two of us and the scraps compact themselves as they begin to break down. Once we are rid of the snow and the weather starts to warm up, I’ll be transferring our winter collection to the compost pile.

If you have experience with simple winter composting methods or want to share any tips, please comment with them!

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  1. Mom has been driving owr Dad crazy wantin to do composting. Dat's it. We's starting.

  2. Our garbage company now pick up our stuff fer composting - we is to lazy to do it fer ourselves.

  3. The Bokashi system that the Compost Guy uses is very good. You can leave it outside as it isn't affected by the temperature and is very easy to use.

  4. Ah yes... the fantastic "bucket on the deck" method of composting. A popular choice among those of us lucky enough to have sub-zero weather for 6-8 months of the year, and a general inability to trudge through snowbanks 5' high! lol
    I actually love composting in the winter...it makes it seem like gardening is right around the corner.


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